Fungal Nails & Clearanail Treatment

Where there is life, there is fungus & this is nowhere more apparent on feet, presenting as fungal (mycotic) nails & athlete’s foot (Tinea Pedis).

Fungal spores can be found all around us in damp atmospheres, soil, well used footwear & usually appears on the feet as a skin infection initially (athlete’s foot). When there is damage or small entry points into the toe-nails, the fungal spores can quickly spread from the skin & the infection spreads & attaches to the bed of the nail.

Because the nail plate shields the growth of the fungal spores, up until recently it has been extremely difficult if not impossible for topical anti-fungal preparations to penetrate the nail plate & reach the infected areas.
Now however with this new innovative piece of equipment, Clearanail®, I am able to treat fungal nails effectively & with long term success.

The CLEARANAIL® treatment consists of a micro drill used to drill multiple, very small holes into the nail plate through to the nail bed in order for the anti-fungal remedies to penetrate efficiently to the infection source. Terbinafine 1% spray (available as Lamisil or other proprietary brands) is used daily following the micro drill procedure & within 2-4 weeks long standing fungal nail conditions should begin to appear ‘back to normal’ again.

With careful aftercare & review by myself in the clinic, once the new nail has grown forward, good footwear hygiene & regular use of anti-fungal products should ensure fungal-free nails in the future.

Please refer to the Clearanail® website, for further information.

Appointments can now be taken at Healthy Feet for Clearanail® treatment. Each foot appointment lasts approx half an hour & discount prices are now available until the end of January 2016.
Each patient receives a complimentary bottle of Lamisil spray for use following Clearanail® treatment.


Nail Surgery

In-growing toenails is one of the other most common conditions I see in the clinic & again I have a very effective method of treatment for these.

G.P. surgeries generally offer to remove patients’ toenails which can be unnecessarily painful & not usually a total permanent solution.  As Podiatrists, we are trained in a particular way to dispel on-going problems with in-growing toe nails & it is a very simple & successful procedure we use.

At your initial appointment at Healthy Feet, I will review your toe-nail condition & if after further conservative treatments the condition does not resolve, I can offer you nail surgery. This is an easy and quick procedure by which the piece of offending nail is removed painlessly under local anaesthetic & an application to the side of the nail bed of chemical Phenol ensures that the small spike of nail never grows back.

The whole area normally heals within 6-8 weeks & the nail & toe soon revert to a normal appearance. Only enough nail is removed in order to give a good cosmetic appearance, but sufficient enough to relieve the problem.

Please contact Healthy Feet to book a review of your in-growing toe-nail & for further information.

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