'When I read about Healthy Feet and their prescription Orthotics and the fact that Jane had a state of the art way of designing the Orthotics with a computer, I thought that this was at least a step forward from having an Orthotic made from a cast.  After a very thorough examination and consultation, I came away counting the days until my Orthotics would arrive.  My Orthotics duly arrived and I wore them in a pair of my shoes, even in the very first instance my feet felt much better. Jane said it might take a couple of weeks for my feet to get used to walking in the right position again so only to wear them for an hour or so a day and gradually increase the time.  Within a week I was wearing them every day.  The difference is just amazing I no longer have any hard skin on my feet, no corns and no other foot problems.  I now wear my Orthotics all the time.
If any one asked me what life changing thing I had done in the last 10 years to the benefit of my whole body and well being it would be the fact that I found the advert in a free magazine for Healthy Feet and the fact that the article was so well written.  I had been looking for an answer to my problems without necessitating an operation and I found it – thank you very much Jane.’

Mrs W - Somerset
'Just a note to thank you both so much for the excellent service you have provided in carrying out an accurate bio-mechanical assessment and supplying me with three pairs of top quality reasonably priced orthotics. The agonising pain and discomfort from the top of my left foot has been alleviated and my feet feel so much more secure. How lucky I was to find you, after wasting so much time via the NHS route and achieving nothing. I will be highly recommending you to anyone I meet with foot problems and I wish you all the best with your business – you are providing a much needed and invaluable service.'
 Miss S – Hampshire
'I am very pleased with the specially made insoles you supplied for me. I have been wearing them since the beginning of July and they are very comfortable and supportive and have made a big difference. I am now able to go for long walks along the coastal path, etc. which I could not do before.'
Mrs B – Dorset
'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the laser scan and orthotic insoles. I have been using these now for just five weeks and they have already made a great difference. I can now walk a lot further and my Plantar Fasciitis is a lot less painful.'
Mrs K – Devon
'Further to collecting my insoles from you I thought I would drop you a note to say what a difference they have made both in terms of comfort but also the reduction of pain through my feet and legs. Many thanks.'
Mr B – Exeter
'I have been wearing my insoles for a few weeks now and have not had any of the old aches and pains I had before. I think they are really good. My mum is also pleased as it is less of a worry for her knowing I am comfortable. I really did not want to have surgery.'
Miss H – Devon
'Thank you so much for all the trouble you took to correct my walking problem which was so painfully severe that I was using a wheelchair for many months. The orthotics are completely successful and now I can live a normal active life.'
Mrs C - Somerset
'I cannot thank you enough for your help regarding my painful heel. I was in a lot of pain for nearly three months before I got in touch. Within two days of wearing the insoles I could feel an amazing difference and after four weeks I am nearly pain free all day.'
Mrs W - Devon
'I have been very impressed with the care and speed that the insoles were received by my son. From the minute my son put the insoles in his footwear he hasn’t been able to live without them. He has used them all the time and has put them in every shoe he wears, even changing them when he uses his Wellingtons. – That’s an achievement for a 14 year old!'
Mrs H - Somerset
'I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with my Orthotic insoles. As you know, I am diabetic and have to be very careful about looking after my feet. Since wearing the insoles I have found walking much more comfortable and easier. The pain I used to experience is far less. Thank you again for your help and advice.'
Mr S - Devon
'It is now just over two months since you supplied my orthotics. From the initial wearing I did not experience any discomfort with them and so have been able to wear them all day. I have found that the acute pain in my feet, especially the ankles has eased considerably and this has in turn, helped my walking so that I am moving more freely without limping and hobbling. I have received great benefit from the orthotics.'
Mrs C - Somerset
'For several months I had been suffering with painful feet, and I mean suffering. When I first got up in the mornings I had a job to get to the bathroom. As the day wore on my feet became worse and by the time I got home I had a job to walk so all I wanted to do was put my feet up and rest them.
After discussing the problem with friends and looking on the internet all the symptoms indicated that I was suffering with Plantar fasciitis. When seeing an advert for “Healthy Feet” I made an appointment.
The outcome was that I purchased Orthotics from them to fit my shoes. That was in June 2008: It is now January 2009 and it now seems as though I never had a problem, my feet are 100% better. I can walk or work on them all day and they do not ache at all.
All I can say is that the orthotics have worked wonders for me and although the price seems expensive I would have been happy to have paid double the price because if you are not able to use your feet what can you do?'

Mr G - Somerset
'I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my orthotics. My bunions no longer cause me grief. In fact I don’t know I’ve got them until I see them. Who would think that something as simple as that could make such a difference to my life. I can now walk for miles without any pain or discomfort.'
Mrs B – Devon
'These orthotics have been so comfortable and efficient enough to have eased the heel pain and general discomfort within the short time I have been wearing them. I would fully recommend your product to anyone who has bad feet or my problem, which was Plantar Fasciitis. My husband agrees they are the best investment that I could have!..... Thanks very much for all your expertise and attention.'
Mrs S – Devon
'Because I was in a lot of pain with arthritis in my feet ankles and knees, a friend recommended I try Orthotics, they worked for her, without them she wouldn’t be able to walk. I did try and they really do work. I can now walk without limping, no pain in my knees.'
Mrs W – Devon

'I feel I had to write to tell you how wonderful the Orthotics have proved to be.
I was sceptical when I ordered them but the Diabetic Neuropathy that I have in my feet is so severe that it restricts my ability to walk very far and as I had just bought a wheelchair to enable me to go shopping etc I felt that I had nothing to lose by getting them.
On receiving the Orthotics and then getting the appropriate footwear to put them in I was truly amazed at the immediate relief  that I got.
Since then I have not used the wheelchair because the orthotics have made such an overall improvement to my well being I feel I have been given the ability to live a near normal life again.
I highly recommend Orthotics to any of your patients who you feel would benefit from wearing them. I will personally be forever grateful for having found you and them and ultimately having improved my own mobility. I have been SET FREE!!'

Mrs DG - Dorset


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